How Do Syrian Women Activists Face Cyber Blackmail?

Rola Othman

Women activists and human rights advocates are usually subject to electronic attacks and slander, in a try to suppress and prevent them from pursuing their public goals.

After 10 days of hacking her Facebook account, Rose, a relief activist in Damascus, knew about it. During that time, the hacker managed to collect and keep all her personal information and to control her public page through which she runs her work in Damascus. When she discovered that, the hacker tried to blackmail her in return of giving her back her page.

Rose managed to recover her account through direct communication with the facebook management, but she could not sue the hacker.

Journalist Zain Jbili faced the threat she received via Facebook by resorting to the Unit of Combating Electronic Crime in Jordan.

In the following report, lawyer Rana Sheik Ali explains to us the penalty of an e-crime according to the Syrian law. And the digital security expert Thamer al Awaiisheh explains the main digital security means to be followed.